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How Ellipse I2PL Works

Ellipse I2PL stands for Ellipse second generation Intense Pulsed Light.

It is used in treating a wide range of skin conditions, including the removal of unwanted hair and the treatment of sun-damaged skin, acne and vascular & pigmented skin disorders.

What is Intense Pulsed light?
Essentially IPL is short flashes of very bright light. It uses short, bursts of visible light emitted from a flash lamp to treat specific skin disorders. By controlling the amount of light and the speed of it's delivery (i.e. it's frequency) we can tailor the Pulsed Light to treat a variety of different skin-disorders.

What's the difference between IPL and Laser?
Both Laser and IPL work the same way. However, a laser uses a light with only one specific wavelength, whereas IPL uses a band of wavelengths.

How can light treat skin disorders?
When a bright beam of light enters your skin, natural pigments in your skin absorb the light; One of these pigments is melanin. Another pigment is haemoglobin and the third substance in the skin that absorbs light is water.

By controlling and filtering the light, the Ellipse I˛PL emits, it can target the particular pigment that is causing the skin disorder. e.g. for hair removal or brown marks on the skin the target is melanin.

A very short burst of light hits the target and causes it to heat up.The heat absorbed eradicates the targeted pigment. Because the light is so carefully controlled, only the target is damaged - the surrounding skin and the water in the skin are not harmed, which minimises the heat generated on your skin.

How can you be sure IPL is safe and effective?
Clincal trials, carried out by leading doctors, are published in medical journals and are availble to view at ellipse.org.

The short, controlled bursts of light that Ellipse use, helps to ensure that no excess heating occurs. The computer-controlled pulses of light filter out both ultravoilet and infra-red light and ensure that only wavelengths of a certain frequency are directed at your skin. As outlined in the previous paragraphs by targeting only the specific problem-causing pigment the damage to surrounding skin is severely minimized.

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